our vision  

Our vision

Find out who we are, where we came from and how we want to make a difference.

Safe: We believe everybody deserves safe skin products especially for their loving children. We exclude potential irritants and minimise risk of adverse effect. We are working on many different researches in order to assure our product safety and quality.

Simple: “Simple” is often safer than complex formulas with many ingredients. In medicine sometimes polypharmacy, or in this case the unnecessary combination of ingredients, could be as dangerous as disease due to unforeseen or unpredictable chemical interactions. Therefore, we made our formula as simple as possible to minimise the risk whilst keeping our product in the highest quality.

Stubborn: We believe natural ingredients can substitute some of synthetic chemical ingredients. We will never compromise our quality for any reason because we believe no parents will compromise their care to loving children. Let us be your best care to your children.