our story  

Our Story

Find out who we are, where we came from and how we want to make a difference.

We are a small group of tight-knit friends with medical backgrounds, but more importantly, we are parents. Our impetus to form this ‘band of parenthood’ has thus been our babies. Not only for the medical reasons but also as parents our interest lies in baby wellbeing, especially products those of natural origin, hypoallergenic properties, and safer compounds.

Due to overwhelming amount of non-scientific information on social media and ingredient lists on product labels, it can be extremely difficult for parents to fully understand the product of choice for their loving children.

We set two main questions for our peace of mind and more importantly our children:

1. What are the safe and recommended products for our children 2. Could it be used by both baby and adults with sensitive skin?

Idea of our product development began as many things do begin, around the dinner table and we started asking the above questions. We started research and develop safe formula for baby skin care products. In addition, our products acquired certification from highly recognized independents testers in order to objectively confirm safety as well as high quality.

We are excited to see our idea and efforts come to fruition and that we have paved the way to ensure our children receive what children deserve – simply the best. We would like to share our precious journey with you and your children. Finally, we have one wish, that our products can provide the best care for families who seek a more natural, hypoallergenic and safe skin care products for the apple of their eyes.